Monday, August 30, 2010


August is growing to a close but September will continue to swelter by the feel of things. We're in the midst of hurricane season and so far so good, not one of them has touched land yet.

I've immersed myself in this triple panel acrylic painting of four Mexican Charras (rodeo riders) putting their horses through their paces. Their costumes seem terribly cumbersome but provide a flash of vivid color as they stream past in a cloud of thundering hooves and dust.

I enjoyed this project although it took me a while to get it right ... I must have worked the background over at least three times before settling on the current combination of hues and texture.

This measures approx. 54 x 36 inches including all three panels, quite large actually with impact. Anyone interested in purchasing please contact me here. On to the next ... will post again soon. Cheers, E.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello -- this year we're having a bonafide rainy season and everything has become quite lush. The itch to paint becomes intensified by the lure of vivid flowers all around. These hibiscus blooms poke their heads through the palm stalks seeking their share of the sun, offering themselves up, opening fully to bask in the summer warmth. I'm especially intrigued by the veiny detail of the soft petals ... they are strikingly bold while retaining their delicacy.
This is a large acrylic measuring approx. 31 x 43 inches. Anyone interested in purchase can contact me here. $300 U.S. + shipping.