Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hello to all -- Here's my latest creation, an ocelot gazing at whatever has caught it's attention.  This is a large piece, very eye-catching, done in multiple layers utilizing the "fat over lean" principle in oils.  Results are vivid and impactful.

I have a soft-spot for cats of all types and in terms of painting they never fail to fascintate me with their challenging coats of spots and stripes and varied hues.  This one with it's attentive demeanor, bluish light casting subtle shadows beneath it's chin and expressive sun lit eyes was a test of my patience when it came to detailing, yet well worth the final result.

Anyone interested in purchasing this piece (90 cms high x 120 cms wide) please contact me here. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Clearly this little girl is a little put out by something!  Is it having to carry around her little brother?  Or maybe she didn't like having her picture taken.  Whatever the cause I felt compelled to paint her rather surly demeanor in oils.  This indigenous pair live in the state of Chiapas where it gets cold due to higher elevations, thus the hat and scarf.

This painting measures 45 x 35 cms and can be acquired by getting in touch with me here.