Thursday, November 15, 2012

EL GATO "MANGO" ("MANGO" the CAT) -- a cronological study

 Hello -- Here is a cronological sequence of the creation of this portrait done in acrylics on canvas.

"Mango" (an appropriate name if you ask me) is a much loved family member of an old pal of mine who requested this portrait to present to her husband for Christmas.  "He loves that cat more than anything," she claims, and has tried himself to paint Mango to no avail.  And so this is where I have stepped in and done my best to represent Mango's love of spending time in the garden.

And so naturally this one isn't for sale... !

To paint an animal portrait most artists rely on photographs.  Animals are difficult subjects to photograph when you want them to "pose".  Co-operation? -- what's that?  I personally think the best poses are when they're caught off guard doing something they love (eat, sleep, hunt, watch birds, etc.).  In this digital age of photography, snap away! -- you can always delete the ones you don't like.   

Anyone else who wants their dog or cat immortalized by me please contact me here.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Hello again -- I've got a soft spot for most animals and love to see the different species come together.  I was sent a photo of this by a friend and just had to re-create it on canvas.  Of course it's hard to say whether this lovely lab dipping it's paws into the pond wants to make friends or if he wants to chow down this curious and brave koi.  Either way it's a wonderful study with rich colors achieved by using the fat-over-lean with oils technique.   
This piece measures 100 cm long x 60 cms wide.  Anyone interested in purchasing please contact me here.   Comments welcome.