Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hello ... this painting morphed into it's present state having started out with only the croton leaves which gave a dazzling, psychedelic effect, all quite overwhelming to the senses.  My eyes simply couldn't take it!  It was like looking through a kaleidescope and made one almost dizzy, forcing the eye to look away.  Not good!  So I changed the composition altogether when a friend sent me some photos of hummingbirds that he'd taken in his garden.  Those jewel toned birds were North-American however and although Mexican gardens abound with the red and green ones as well, I utilized Mexican blue hummingbirds as my main subject matter in honor of this tropical region.

This is an acrylic painting measuring 90 cm wide by 100 cm long.  Anyone interested in purchasing please contact me here.  $375.00 U.S. + shipping.