Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hello ... I recently worked on this project for a client who requested a painting of a regatta ... he had a photo and wanted it converted to an oil painting for his new home, still in construction. So I worked studiously every day for 5-6 hours amidst all the workers, noise (buzz saws!) and flying debris (dust galore!), sometimes on a scaffold to reach the higher aspects, and completed the entire project within 8 days. Not bad.

These photos show the work in it's entirety, a shot with me in it (in my grubby painting garb) to show the scale of the work, and some detail shots for a closer inspection.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!! I'm so very impressed by this lovely painting . JE

Anonymous said...

WOW THAT IS AMAZING !!!!! Your Art is beautiful . I am so amazed and happy to see how much you have accomplished .. to see you do what you love most .. I am so proud of you Mom . LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

Elfie es impresionante el trabajo tan lindo que estás realizando, siempre creí que la mejor parte de tu casa, son tus pinturas. Felicidades y espero que vengan para ti muchas oportunidades más como está. Esta precioso tu mural..
Un abrazo con mucho cariño.. Lucy(Dany´s girlfriend)