Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hello again. I love to walk and often take Coco my dog out in the early dawn or right at sunset when it's not as hot and use that time to connect with nature, my personal connection with God. On those walks, tropical nature never fails to amaze me with it's palette of colors and textures. So much to see on a grand or magnified scale: a sloping palm tree, a single dewdropped leaf, two or three wildflowers wavering in the breeze.
The painting of the lovebirds above was inspired by walking under a palm tree and seeing a crow perched on a branch... I thought, why not lovebirds, and "Treetop Conference" was born.
More to come -- E.

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batsheva said...

I love the colors of your paintings. I have been the happiest travelling in the tropics and your art work takes me there, to those colorful lands and people.